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Help us keep the CoD:UO servers running. Any sum is appreciated, and so is the donor. See who donated and how much.

Help us keep the server running

Keeping the server online requires some financial resources. For 6 years |DH|Monster has been paying the bills all by himself. We all thank him for that, but now is the moment for us to help also. Doesn't matter the amount, the gesture means much more to us.

December's Goal: €50.00
Received: €45.00
Remaining: €5.00

When you donate, let us know on the forums so we can add you to our donor list. Thank you.

Devil Heroes Roster

See who are the warriors carrying the DH flag with pride. Wanna join our elite pub or scrim teams? APPLY!

|DH| Members & History

DevilHeroes was formed 3 years ago, in 2008 by |DH|Monster (a.k.a. Unfucked). We are an international Call of Duty: United Offensive clan, playing mainly on our Pub server.

Our clan roster changes alot. You can view our forum topic for the latest updated clan roster and ranks.

|DH| Statistics Server

Follow your progress on our custom stats server. Compare yourself to others. See top performers.

See who are the best players

Besides the GameTracker rankings, we track statistics on our own server using the VSP-Stats system.

Go to our official statistics server and see who are the best players, who got the medals, individual round rankings, rounds history and individual player stats breackdowns.

Respect the Server Rules

Read the rules of gameplay. Nobody likes a cheat, or a blocker. Avoid being one by mistake and getting banned.

Read the official server rules

It's not pleasent when somebody decides to go rogue and ruin everybody else's fun. So to prevent some players from ruining our fun, the admins follow some guidelines

Since they are to many to list in this tiny box, read the entire list here.

Banned? Check the List

If you can't access the server, check the ban list to see if you got banned and why did we ban you.

Ban Hammer's home

If you get a "Banned from this server" message when trying to access the COD:UO server, you might want to take a peek at our ban list.

Request an unban, ask for forgiveness or proclaim your innocence. We are gentle if you admit your mistakes.

Server Admins

See the guys and gals that manage the server. We included their Xfire IDs so you can quickly solve your problem.

Current Admins & Xfire IDs
|DH|Monster* killerph72 |DH|Invisible glimmerph72
|DH|Christina christinacox |DH|green___ gurum3ditation
|DH|Burger glimph72 |DH|Matrix matrixo07
|DH|Serge sergegazi |DH|Altair ijsklontje
|DH|Ja(kyll spe3r |DH|Dietchi dietchi
|DH|Dax n00b83 |DH|Predator nelusu
|DH|Cox campuscodi |DH|KitanaPierce bluelotus714

Where to find DevilHeroes

See our server IPs, talk to us on Xfire, Like us on Facebook, view our GameTracker pages and TeamSpeak3 details.

Server & TeamSpeak IPs

Public server:

Check out the Forum

Maybe the best experience around (besides the server itself), is having a laugh with us on the forum. Come on in!

Register and let's have a talk

We are glad that people still take interest in this game. If you wanna have a group of people to talk everything about COD:UO, just register and let present yourself on the forum. We'd love to have new forum members, even if they don't join the clan itself.

DH Player of the month

Meet and learn details about one of our members every month. Photos, interviews, fragmovies and Xfire screenshots.

And this month we meet ...

player imageName:|DH|Cox++
Country: Romania
Favorite Weapon: Mosin Nagant
Favorite Map: mp_foy
Favorite Team: Germans
Favorite Round Type: DOM
Type: I'm awesome like that!