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Post  dhmido on Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:42 pm

In Game Nick:^1(^7Mido^0)





Previous Clans: Rabid, B4Life, Aetas, and some more, cant remember

Who brought you to this site? Kitty

Would you be willing to donate to help keep the servers running? sure

What games you applying for UO,Cod2,Cod4? all of them.

What do you wanna do in the clan (choose one):
- play with the war and scrim team (high skill level required)
- just play with our tags on UO pub servers (lower skills accepted)
- both
- All of the above and LAN's ?

Tell us about your gaming history: Well i started back in 2001 or so with playing Quake |||, around 2003 i got bored of it so i bought Cod1/uo and played that until cod4 came out and so on and on until the lame cod's came along so i came back to cod4 to play CoD4 competitive @ lan and cup.. i also play alot of other games in between like Metro, Battlefied 3, Counterstrike GO and 25 more or so..

Any other info we might need to know about you?
Na im not a "special" kind of boy.

Best Regards,
Mido farao


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