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|DH| CLAN APPLICATION FORM: copy,paste and answer in a new topic please!

Post  Monster* on Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:44 am

In Game Nick:





Previous Clans:

Who brought you to this site?

Would you be willing to donate to help keep the servers running?

What games you applying for?

What do you wanna do in the clan (choose one):
- play with the war and scrim team (high skill level required)
- just play with our tags on UO pub servers (lower skills accepted)
- both

Tell us about your gaming history:

Any other info we might need to know about you?

NOTE: One thing to keep in mind no under 15 years old please! Unless we see you are mature enough and we will review you!

If you can, embed some screenshots with your scores (via xFire) on our server (TDM or CTF maps).
If you still don't have privileges, ask a DH member to go on your xFire account and post the pictures for you.

CLAN RULES: Don't apply if you don't like them!!!

1. If you get accepted, you will have to wear the |DH| clan tag while playing and in your Xfire username. Otherwise don't even bother.
2. The clan tag must be worn on every COD:UO server you play on. You don't change your clan tag to anything else if you join another server. You did not join Devil Heroes the SERVER, you joined the CLAN.
3. You cannot play for other clans, as their clan member. (If you wanna help some ex-teammates, just announce it in advance or request permission).
4. Don't insult clan members on TS, in wars, or scrims if they don't play "the way" you want to. Everybody has his own playing style.
5. The correct clan tag is |DH| . No variations are allowed. This is the server tag, we wear the same tag to promote the server as well.
6. You MUST join the Xfire clan group so we can quickly get in contact with you.

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