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Nexus app

Post  Nexus on Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:39 pm

In Game Nick:Nexus,nExus





Previous Clans:LTK , AnYmE , yrS , sm .
These were the cod uo v1.41 clans. Still searching in uo v1.51 . I didn't joined so much clans like in call of duty 1 v1.1, and to be honest this clans I have joined in cod uo aren't so experienced . I ussually play cod 1 v1.1 and I was in a lot of clans there , currently in RaGe clan made by me , if you would like to see our wars or our clan in cod 1 v1.1 visit

Who brought you to this site?Some members from dh servers

Would you be willing to donate to help keep the servers running?nah I wish.

What games you applying for UO,Cod2,Cod4?cod uo

What do you wanna do in the clan (choose one):
- play with the war and scrim team (high skill level required)
- just play with our tags on UO pub servers (lower skills accepted)
- both
I choose both ...

Tell us about your gaming history:Well to be honest , I am not banned in cod uo , I was banned in cod 1v1.1 but not for cheating . Well that was long time ago .

Any other info we might need to know about you?Well , I am a friendly guy , and hope if I will be recruited to have fun with ya guyz , and also to assist you in funwars .
Best regards,
Nexus Razz


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Re: Nexus app

Post  Peter on Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:43 am

I don't really know you. I played with you 1 or 2 times so be more active on our public server.

EDIT: My vote is no. The reason is that you aren't active enough. we have enough member who's got acceped and disappear again.
|DH|Clan Members~
|DH|Clan Members~

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