Final story on 'weapon file error' in Cod:UO ( Copied)

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Final story on 'weapon file error' in Cod:UO ( Copied)

Post  3Bsalam ; ) on Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:43 am

For all players and gameserver-administrators the answers are given on the questions about map and server-related errors in CoD:uo. And to fix some of those problems a special Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 is made and can be downloaded.

First what errors are we talking about here:

Player-side :

1. The 'weapon file error' a player gets when he/she wants to join a server with custom maps in rotation. The player has the same map as running on the server in the uo-folder.

(Error example used here is: Could not load weapon file 'weapons/mp/dp28_stand_mp' but it can be also the mg30cal_stand_mp, mg34_stand_mp etc. )


In some cases when the player set the download-option in multiplayer on 'ON' the problem will be solved.

Many players dont like all the extra's you get on servers so they have the download-option standard on 'OFF'.

Warning: Recieving all kinds of different versions of same map can lead to an other error: the 'Unpure.pk3'.
And the download of the various modifications will lead to a 'Unpure Client' error.

2. A player has the same map as running on the server and download option is on ON but still he/she gets the 'weapon file error'.


This can be the server that doesnt support autodownloading or the server simply ran out of autodownload-resources.

Server-side :

3. A server-administrator has choosen some nice custom-maps for in the maprotation on the server.
The server's autodownload function gives the players the custom maps that are in the rotation.
But still some players cant join the server because of the 'weapon file error'.

4. When joining a server a new visitor gets the custom map thats is running on that moment but also gets 1 other custom map. Why?

5. A server-admin cant understand why the amount of bandwidth-GB's used by the download function is so high.
This compared with the sizes in MB's of the custom maps used in rotation and the number of new players that come on that server monthly.


And for these 5 above questions there is only just 1 answer.

There is just something missing. Or better said: forgotten.

Most (!) of the custom maps in CoD:UO are missing some weapons files.


But...... CoD:UO is a smart made game. If a file is missing in a x-map.pk3 file it just gets it from another y-map.pk3 file.

And only if that aint possible because of autodownload not working or player doesnt has download option on 'ON' or there is just no other map arround with those needed files the 'weapon file error' shows.


For regular players its simple they go find an other server where they can join.
But what if you really wanna join that one server?
Like clan-members want to join their clan-server just because it is THEIR server.
If that server gives them errors it gets verry frustrating.
And its back to the standard maps rotation again...

Is it a "no wonder so few servers in CoD:UO actually run custommaps on their servers".


And what about the clan-server administrator who gets also verry frustrated when seeing how much bandwidth is used in only a couple days time. Because in most cases every GB used must be payed for.

Example : For 1 map with the size of 5.5MB but missing some needed weapons files an other map with a size of 7.5 can be forced to be downloaded too. That is a 7.5 MB more then expected GB's FTP bandwidth used.


What can be done about this problem ???

Simple would be the maps get missing files added.
But most mapmakers deny their map is not complete.
But then there is also the 'Unpure'.pk3 error.
(And yes, even when map is renamed with an extra number etc. it gives a player many times the 'Unpure'.pk3 error.)


So the most instant solution you can get is the use of the zzzz_Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 with a file-size of only 9 Kb (!!!).

As an administrator you can just put this Custom_Map_Fixer in the uo-folder on the gameserver. And for the clients-download on your FTP server next to all custom maps. Restart your gameserver so the Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 can be loaded. (Same thing as for new maps etc.) And the visitors get this 9KB .Pk3 file by autodownload.

- If all correct, instead of downloading the extra map, now this small file takes its place.

- Or finally you can run that custom-map rotation that gave you problems before.

When players download this Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 and put it in their uo-folder. They can be sure they can join a private server without download-function when this server is running also this Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 and any selection of custom maps.


Downloadlink for Custom_Map_Fixer.pk3 ( Fail )

Only a map like "Amberg" can be downloaded always to a new visitor because this is a new kinda map that contains so many "new" features no other map has sucha files inside their .pk3 and those are new for the CoD game aswell.

There is more info on Invalid .pk3 and Unpure errors, fix and cleanup programs and a missing uomappack00.pk3 in the INFO topic.

3Bsalam ; )
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